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Machine features:

Tower Body:reasonable shape, steady air flow, high-quality material, bright color, anti-aging, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant. The down tower body can be equipped with the spilled water, sewage and automatic feed pipe according to the order request. It can absorbent water directly from here so the cooling pool is not needed. In addition, it is equipped with the silencing mat to reduce the noise effectively.
Filler:adopts to the PVC wave plate, Increased lateral convex rib so it can enhance the redistribution capacity of the water, low resistance, the thermal performance is good, the adaptive temperature range is -50–70.
Water Distributor and water pipe.Equipped with the stainless steel ball bearing, operation flexible and reliable. uniform water distribution. The material of water pipe is FRP and the closed water board is installed in the pipe to overcome the phenomenon of floating water. By the way, you can also choose the spray type water distribution system.
Fan: low noise and high efficiency fan. The blade of fan is plate airfoil type (aluminum alloy,steel,FRP )
Motor:Specially designed for the cooling tower. Low noise, saving energy,waterproof properties is good, waterproof properties is good and high efficiency.

Technical parameters:

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